Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

Actually this shouldn't be Ten on Tuesday because the majority of the time when I write this blog its on a Wednesday or a Thursday haha! Procrastinate much? 

1. I have been beyond lazy this week. Its getting a little ridiculous. I mean I haven't forgotten to brush my teeth or anything like that but lets just say if James wasn't around my house would look like its been hit with an H-bomb. My motivation for all things beyond my couch is very very low right now. 

2. I've got some big stuff on the horizon. Its a very need to know situation at the moment which is cool. Everyone has these times in their lives....It's just that I suck at keeping a secret.(well not so much keeping a secret as lying about something) So basically I've locked myself away from the world for the next couple of weeks. This is doing nothing to help with the getting Rach off the couch motivation. 

3. There is a full time position coming up at work and I would really like to get it....I haven't worked a consistent 40 hour week since I lived in the states. While part of me has learned to love the short weeks and days off another part of me hates it! I miss the routine and especially the extra money. Imagine supporting two people off a full time salary instead of a part time salary....we could afford name brand condiments! 

4. My cat follows me everywhere. Seriously. I can't even go into the bathroom without him following- he knows how to open the bathroom door. Right now he is sitting on my feet at the bottom of the bed as I type this. Its kinda sweet and kinda maddening. Seriously kitty why can't you be the type that hides under a chair for 18 hours? Gah! 

5. I had an amazing weekend! It was River fest in Limerick for the first weekend in May so that meant fireworks (woot!), boat races, a marathon and lots of yummy food! I think that the Riverfest weekend is the best time of the year to be in Limerick...the city centre is crammed full of people, everyone is in a cheery mood and even the weather cooperates! (sunshine woo hoo!) I even had myself a 99 on Saturday it felt so summery out! (a 99 is what they call a soft serve ice cream cone here...and they stick a cadbury flake into it...which is a type of candy bar. they aren't 99 cents though...which is misleading in my book....why else would they be called 99's?) 

6.  Ive started watching that show 2 Broke Girls (they just started showing it on TV here...) and it is so funny! I made James download the entire first season- I'm loving it. The one girl Max is just so snarky. I wish I could have her one-liners. I also like the fact that she is a normal size....not a zero! She is by no means fat, but normal! Nice to see that on TV! 

7. I have a ton of pictures on my phone that I would like to post here but I am feeling too lazy to email them to myself. So this post will be sans photos. sorry guys. 

8. I seriously lucked out in the husband department. I mean, he can drive me insane sometimes but overall? Best guy ever. If only I could get him to start noticing dirt and then I'd be set. haha He made me homemade biscuits tonight and was so delighted that I thought they were biscuity that he posted a picture of them on facebook saying they got the "Rachael seal of approval". I think I'll keep him around for a while. 

9.  Why are razors so cheap but razor heads to so expensive?!? 20 euros for 3 razor head refills? total ripoff! Its cheaper buying a whole new razor. grumble grumble grumble. 

10. I have to go to the Gaurda Station tomorrow to renew my residency...hoping that the picture turns out good. There is something about those official licensey type pictures that I tend to get all nervous and made the weirdest face. I end up looking frightened and constipated all at the same time. Not so flattering. Fingers crossed they have my information correct this year as well! last year they had down that I was married to my Father-in-law instead of James. Typical. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing!


  1. You did get a good husband! Good luck with the document stuff tomorrow...that reminds me...I need to call and check on mine....*sigh*

  2. I thought I'd add my word verification included the word sistah...tricky does it know??

  3. Brand Name Condiments! Hilarious. Mostly because I totally feel you there.

    Big stuff on the horizon huh? I have a guess but I'll wait to see what it is so I don't spoil it for anyone else ;)


  4. Wait a minutes, James is your husband? I thought it was the older gentleman.

  5. 1. You seriously just described exactly how I feel. Ugh...
    2. Spill the beans already!
    3. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you hon. Can you imagine if you'd get it, you guys would be living like royalty up in there.
    4. Ha, he's prepping you for future kids.
    5. So happy that you had a fun weekend! Also, they need to change that deceiving name.
    6. I absolutely love Max. The hubs says she reminds him of me...a snarky lovable little bitch. lol
    7. Ooh I want pictures!
    8. He is most definitely one of the good ones. Lucky girl.
    9. Ugh, I dread buying razor blade replacements. The other day I spent $16.99 on 4 of them. Yes, 4.
    10. I saw your tweet about this in the morning, hopefully you didnt end up w/a funky photo haha.

    Loved your 10 doll! Also, I haven't forgotten it was your birthday a few days ago...expect a gift soon ;)