Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 I love the spring time....I feel like I'm waking out of my winter hibernation and the real world still exists beyond the confines of my fuzzy blanket and sofa cushions.

I've been trying to keep myself occupied between work and rainy days and have been taking a lot of pictures with my phone lately (and no its not a fancy iPhone, I've had one and I don't want one again, wasn't that over the moon about BOOYA iPhone users! Just kidding, use whatever phone you want, I could care less.) mainly because I can't find the battery to my camera. I know its with the charger...somewhere...

I figured I would be lazy and instead of writing several posts I would gloss over the past couple of weeks with some snapshots from my phone...

The Great Limerick Run....I was so gutted I couldn't run it this year after all the training I had done! But my two girlfriends (and running buddies) ran it and had a great time! I'm looking forward to next year already!! I personally think its one of the best days to be in Limerick...There is such a great atmosphere in the city and so many events going on- even in the rain its hard not to have a smile on your face!

MMMM Cotton Candy...or Candy Floss as they call it here. I haven't had freshly made cotton candy in years and it was so freaking delicious! It was my birthday and even though I was stuffed to the gills with an amazing Chinese lunch James and I had just finished- I knew I couldn't walk through the French market without treating myself to a strawberry and orange cotton candy. (I wish it had been all orange though, seriously never thought it would be so good!) Lets just say that bad boy was demolished before I even got back to the car.

OK so I know this is kinda weird, ok really weird...but I always take pictures of my grocery shopping. Like when I do a "big" shop. We only do "big" shops about twice a month...sometimes less depending on how we are stretching out the staples. After we drag everything into the house I refuse to let James touch anything- I clear off the kitchen table and lay it all out...and take a picture lol! Its like I'm a hunter surveying my kill or something. A source of consumerism pride....look at what I've purchased! And at such a reasonable price! (btw all of the groceries we purchased on this trip came to like 42 euros. WOOT)

The escalator is out of order at work....except on the sign they put Travelator. Ummmm....that's NOT a word. Just saying. It made me laugh. (and that sign is still up by the way)

A lovely roast waiting for me when I got home from work. I have to say, I really lucked out in the husband department. I probably cook dinner about one night out of 6 a week. He is definitely the cook in our relationship!

This is what I am currently ignoring. A huge pile of laundry with my name all over it. Even the cat refuses to look at it. (I kid, he was distracted as I was taking the picture) I can feel the pile giving me the evil eye from the corner...I just have no desire to drag it down the stairs and begin sorting. le sigh. First world problems!

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  1. Ha! I dont own an iPhone either. The sales guy tried getting me to buy one but I like my Android. Sucks that you were too sick to participate in the run but still pretty awesome of you to have shown up & supported them. I've never ever been a fan of cotton candy but the hubs can inhale it like air.

    You're so strange, who the hell photographs their groceries?! lol You're hilarious. Cooking & I definitely don't mix so it's up to the hubs to cook most of the time. Seriously, you dont want me touching your food, I have a way of burning everything.

    Laundry...ugh. We have about 6 loads worth of laundry just taking up space in our (supposed to be) walk in closet. I've been meaning to get to it for the last week but just haven't been up to it. Good luck with yours :)