Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sleep? Pshhh who needs it

The last few weeks in the Taylor house have been a little hectic. And by hectic I mean completely insanely busy!

So apparently moving house, working 45 hour weeks, interviewing 5 or 6 times, driving all over mid-west Ireland and heading to Spain for 3 days all at the same time keeps one kind of busy.

Between James and I we have probably slept about 20 hours in the past two weeks. (well probably more, but it sure does feel that way!)

But its been great. There have been a lot of huge changes, but really good changes.

Like our great new house. We now live on the other side of Limerick. In an actual house that is about the same size as our last flat. And its 150 less per month. That might not seem like a lot for some people, but for me working with my shoe-string budget its a life changing amount of money to save! (I might actually have financial wiggle room! woot woot!)

Also after a year and a half of applications, CVs, interviews and banging my head against the wall I seem to have had some success on the job front. (FINALLYYYYYY!!!) I had about 5 interviews in 3 days, 2 job offers so far and another 2 interviews scheduled for next week.

(happy dance....HAPPY DANCE!!!!)

I don't know what changed. My work experience hasn't changed, nor my CV but that doesn't matter so much to me. I'm just happy I finally got a break.

So lots going on. Lots of good things. I'm pretty happy and super stressed right now (strange combination haha!) but I'm really looking forward to what I feel like is the second phase of my life here in Ireland.

Onward and upward people, onward and upward!


  1. Everything's coming up Rach! Congratulations, lady.

  2. I'm SO happy for you! A new place & maybe a new job...very nice ;)