Saturday, April 9, 2011

I always get sick in the wrong season

I've been meaning to blog but have been side swiped by a cold. Could I get these in the fall or winter when everyone else is getting sick? why no, I get sick in the spring when the weather is great and outside time is most desirable. stupid immune system.

I took some cold meds last night and they still havn't worn off- very fuzzy head and unfortunately I'm working until 2am tonight...and the next several nights in a row. huzzah! (not really.) But hopefully I will sleep enough between shifts to kick the crap outta this cold!

I decided to get my license to do security in Ireland. I used to do retail security in the states- I was the head of security for a Target in the states. I loved my job- I loved making the feeling of making a difference, I loved the thrill of the "chase" and the adrenaline i got from making a good apprehension and a good case. The reason why I didn't go for a security job here in Ireland is that I know security is completely different here. There is no hands on here, there is really no ability to make an impact like I was able to in my last job. I feel like I would really be frustrated doing security here, like my hands were tied whenever I saw someone doing something illegal or out of line. There are so many laws here that let people get away with murder.

Despite all of this I am tired with job searching- I don't even put in CV's places anymore- there are no jobs here and the ones that are here I'm overqualified for and I never seem to get them anyways. I also know I have to get out of the current job that I'm in. I'm tired of the horrible hours, low pay and being bullied by a total jackass (my boss) on a daily basis. I know that if I get my license to do security here I am practically guaranteed a job since most companies really need female staff- not many women want to do this kind of job.

Now here is the current challenge (there always seems to be one)- you have to get a license. In the states my job trained me to do security and apprehensions, conflict resolution, handling dangerous situations etc. Here you have to pay to take the course and its not cheap (its about 600 euro) and then you have to pay for your license (about 180 euro) and since I'm not from Ireland I have to get a criminal background history from the FBI which could potentially take a lot longer than I have to get into a course this summer. It all seems pointless and frustrating to me since I know I have the proper training and in fact more training than I need to do security here since they are not allowed to apprehend anyone.

So now I'm split- do I invest money that we don't necessarily have so I can get a job with decent hours and better pay, even though I don't necessarily want to do it, or do I continue with the crappy job and hold out for an undetermined amount of time for a job that I might like to come along??

Sigh....I just want someone to come along and hand me a load of cash and a fantastic career. I either better find a magic genie or start playing the lottery haha!


  1. If you find the genie, could you pass it along this way --> *me*. lol

    Sorry you're sick and your job sucks. Good thing is you only have a few more weeks until you come back to the US (for a while anyway), Yay! By the sound of it, your job really really really sucks ass with it's crappy boss and crappy hours so I say you save up the $ and pay to get your license. I know it's not something you really want to do forever but it'll be something better *fingers crossed* and hopefully they wont have you working until 2am.

    Hope you feel better sweets!

  2. oh girl. this is quite the dilemma. i won't burden you with my own work dilemma, but let's just say that i can relate to you/your issue. and i sure as shit wish i would just win the lottery so the problem would be solved.